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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Students future at stake
 the University's negligence

Deepak Tamrakar
Ed has not announced the test results to date
Mandla (MP Mirror). Students hope to become a teacher in residence in the thousands of hard-earned money of their parents put in B.Ed. course was a hope that the country's future as a teacher Sanwareange, but Queen Durgawati University of Preshasn Lporwahi because the future of the thousands of students Adawan seems to have been felt.
Known that in 2007-08, organized by Wayapam Kanulig after the successful registration by having students through various Kalaanjoan year test conducted by Avishaavidwaly hard to break the law are Sammil time it will be no doubt that the surrounding they are going to insert the test as the test is unique Zavegee some students waiting for the test results Owher Age You might also have been. Not that this is only the first event Hamesha Rani Durgawati Avishaavidwaly Surrakio resides in the ever exam exchange for providing aspiration of the body, so never ever be leaked to Prehanpatroan widespread in North Puasticoan manipulate something on similar lines B Ed Students also Pareshana of being. Given Latletifi Amajan are a fear that the students or college anywhere in the body or not money is being s

Lakhan Vyas
Damoh (MP Mirror). Going to give people the own base station, then began searching for what the world would someone not going to give a shelter. Bicho city these days such Monzar emanating from among four named storm of the line is that whoever is coming her way, she is going to sweep the temple trees are home or whether any ऐansi thing that ever logo are decorated with large Swanr own desires and putting her care be taken to make it yet.
Sea through the local three plug Sea Naka Jabalpur Neuma Four line up to be the storm in the past many people had been demolished to Mondiro including the Asianae. Meder He also had broken most of the broken bust ever had Cenrad Laago of faith with most of the people whom the Asianae Inhone Create Millions were spent Rs. The Shialashila lasting a few days after the bit was stopped suddenly Shialshilah has started it again. Anane on that road, the temple green - lush trees are being cut and the officer is engaged in seeing it as a spectacle. Interestingly, these trees in the wind so that if some trees could be left ऐnse whom also with wheat mite Pisne but as the saying goes, the AI ​​official contractor working out these trees are being cut.

With sincere attempt to understand
Sagar / new collector Dr E Ramesh collector first met reporters in the conference room. Ocean city on the occasion he discussed various Ssmsyayoan. Fundamental issues as well as the development and said his. Especially drinking water, roads, public distribution system, highways, etc. things to pay special attention assured. Reporters before meeting 24 April he visited the city had taken note of by Ssmsyayoan. Thus perhaps they in the history of ocean became the first collector who is trying to understand the ocean, with integrity. Former Collector Manish Srivastava did not afford the phone to hear. However further Akankshaayaoan how many people live to see that they are lowering. right now saying they have won the heart present in the office Arhage available to meet the public. But collector office staff and public relations with the Red Cross are wary of the intruders not Hogeean misunderstandings.
• Sea district work towards improving reset your detailed selection.
• District Panchayat will monitor
• social justice are to apply to rein in unfair
• improve health services 


Yeh Bhi Sach ...
280 trillion is the question ...

India is poor but the Indian nation ever poor is not * say that the Swiss bank Cedairector's. Swiss bank director also said that Aaratkaellghbhaga 280 Alakkaror Rupyeunece Aswisbanka stored. These Rkmaetonie the Indian coming 30 years the budget Cebnaio can be no tax. or simply say, 60 million jobs can be given. or is simply too Kaahsskate

Delhi, India to any 4-lane road from the village can be made. It is also more than 500 social projects completed Kaahsskate can be made. Yerkamaetonie much that if every Indian Zayeto also given Rs 2,000 every month over 60 years do not. That India, a World Bank लोनलेनेकीकोईजरुरत

Is not. Just Think ... Our corrupt politicians and how has Nokarashahoan Deshako

Looted and robbed it of the series so far in 2011 continues. Issilsile stop now
Is much more important. British India nearly 200 Asaalotka Takarke us about 1 Alakkaror looted Rs.

But only 64 years of independence our Hrashtstaachar the 280 trillion is robbed. 1 lakh crore in 200 years on one side and the other Tarafkaeoal 64         280 million million years. Ie 4.37 lakh crore every year, Yahar Mahenecreb 36 thousand million in Swiss banks in Indian currency Dwarazamakaarvai is corrupt. India, a World Bank loan is a desperate need. Think Kikitono money our corrupt politicians and high officials Karkerkha Huaha the block. Hrashtarajnetoan and corrupt officials to go against us Puarnadhikar

Is. Huchotaaloan recently to have you all know - CWG scandal, 2G - Spectrum scam, scam Adershhaussing ... Wonder who is going to be exposed and Hotalaahie ........ What do you people forward jokes are the same. Please forward this to the whole of India so read it ... Banzaye a movement


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