कुल दृश्यपृष्ठ

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Congressman Cedchhad
the spectacle of women
Sagar.. Dalits and tribal pro-Congress party leaders to seduce women of these sections as onlookers watched. Around half past twelve at night from the railway station to 2 pm, was in an uproar. Gussayen from the Dalit land rights, including those associated with the Army's Msio performed outside the station premises. Navy Jain of the Congress leader, Munna Choubey, Brij Rusia, including many senior leaders Ram Kumar Pachauri, drinking tea shop in front of their leader no longer kept on staring at the platform. The sensitivity of eyes witnessed the incident proves that Congress is dead. On the other hand the reins line Sagar Chowdhury is in the hands of Congress, as also is obligated to them.
   Similar to the first title of the patriotic army soldiers who did this is going to shame. He took charge of Msio uproar came from the victims reported having been counterproductive behavior. He started to intimidate victims without hearing the charges the accused with the help of soldiers on duty is banished. GRP quietly watched the spectacle in such a case, they are angled towards the Army. Put an end to peace with the application. With victims - Army officer from public indecency with a boy rescued the camera and let it close