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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Panchayat minister and MP Singh Bhargava exposed clash
Manoj Shukla
Sagar:,BhajpaMP Bhupinder Singh, BJP MP, MLA Shailendra Jain, Pradeep Larrea are divided into groups, and other leaders.When we get to tighten the screws on MP's brother. Although it is not that they are washed with milk in their Hkshetr Already Ecl substandard construction, but on the hands of the Minister. Nothing in the ruling BJP is not doing well, the two leaders of the BJP in Sagar Battle is a war for supremacy. Ministers and MPs are missed by a second target.It is not hidden from MP Bhupinder Singh.
MP struck targets
Bhargava MGNREGS and RES are subject to both the Minister of Panchayat Department. Panchayat Minister's it gone so exasperating.
Engineer suspended
 Manufacturing operations BJP on corruption is panic. Rhli made in the Panchayat Minister Gopal Bhargava has refused to release the poor hostel., On the other hand the contract to construct the ocean MP Jitendra Singh Thakur Bhupendra Singh's brother was near.Both sides in the conflict is over. BDA building construction agency suspended a sub engineer. Recommending departmental action against the two has ruled. Significantly, the Panchayat Minister refused to release the girl's dormitory building, the construction work is incomplete with being poor. However, the Education Department BDA Handovr have the hostel. Under SSA for girls hostels in 2005-06 was 68.85 lakh. BDA had the contract for its construction. With regard to the hostel Collector, Commissioner, Department of Education and state Education Commissioner wrote to. 
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